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Be empowered by your own love in 90 days!

90-day journey of self-love and awareness to manifest the life you want.  It is an emotional and spiritual journey within.  Self-love is the genesis of how you see yourself in the world and how the world sees you. Life gets better when we love ourselves. Love yourself first and you will win in everything else. Your life will begin to manifest what is happening in you.

Benefits of Loving Yourself

  • Experience inner peace

  • Advance your career

  • Feel fulfillment

  • Enjoy healthier relationships

  • Become an even better mom

  • Courage to just DO IT!

Course Includes:

  • Mirroring

  • Keys to healthy inner thoughts and self-talk

  • UP your self-worth

  • Being okay with your emotions

  • Writing a vision for your life

  • Understanding your love language and creating healthy boundaries

  • Spirituality: connecting within

Your confidence will shoot through the glass ceiling!

Let’s Get To Work


Just wanted to update you on MY daughter!! And THANK YOU!
I see so much growth in her!! She has a few good friends on the job. They have been going to the movies, out to dinner, parties, the gym!! Like on a regular basis!!! I am tearful when I type this because THIS is the daughter I know. THIS is the daughter that is kind, caring, jovial, peaceful, and mentally stable.That semester when she was struggling really scared me!!! I just want to THANK YOU again for helping her develop the skills she needed to cope!

I never knew I needed this program. Ms. Law has a spirit that makes you drop your inhibitions and open up to her. Her non-judgemental attitudes make you feel very comfortable. If you are looking to speak to someone honest yet relatable, contact Ms. Law. You won’t be disappointed."

"I need to say thanks again because I noticed a huge improvement in my daughter’s confidence and self-esteem. Thank you. Thank you.

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