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Set the atmosphere for your life

Life coaching specializing in building children, parents

and families, individuals starting over.


We can't control the family we were born in.  We can't control what happens to us.  We can control how we feel, think, behave and respond.  We can control who we are.  Life coaching serves as an educating and life changing tool. I will show you how to create the life you want and turn challenges into opportunities. You don’t have to face life alone. Together, we can explore new and better horizons for growth, peace and self-fulfillment.


Invest in you.  Invest in your family.

You and your family is your most important asset. We all want to love and be loved.  We want to live in peace.  Sometimes we just don't know how.  Invest by working on yourself, and learning real life techniques.  Take a chance by sowing something good into your life and family.  Empower your circumstance.  We have the tools to help you.  



Personal Coaching

  • Starting Over

Sessions will help you create attainable goals, timelines and an action​ plan to create your new life.

  • Life after divorce

Sessions will help build self esteem, access what areas need change, and assist in making those changes.​

  • Career change

Sessions will address your skills, experience and opportunities.  We coach you along the process of beginning to end of the process of finding and preparing for a new career.

  • Mind, money and feelings

Sessions will address poverty and abundance mindset, teach you money and saving tips, produce a plan on how to budget and invest.

  • Serenity, mindfulness, and spirituality

Sessions include how to avoid drama and gain inner peace.  It also teaches self evaluation and connection while connecting with Spirit and others around you.   It will help you understand the mental roadblocks to spirituality.

Family Coaching

  • Parenting

Sessions teach positive parenting techniques, how to deal with negative behaviors and tantrums, and effective communication.

  • Relationship

Sessions help couples understand needs, mutual respect, communication, and expectations.  It will introduce the 5 Love Languages while teaching how to ask for individual you needs.

  • Communication

Sessions access and teaches communication styles, audience evaluations and how this affects how you are heard.

  • Money matters

Sessions help families create a budget that matches the family vision.  Reducing debt, applying cash and better money behaviors will also be addressed.

  • Work/life balance

Sessions begin with accessing current work/life schedule .  It teaches time management along with access goals and purpose.


Let's get started!

We will begin with a free consultation to introduce ourselves and assess where you want to go and how we will help you get there together. From there, we will schedule your first session and create an action plan with target dates and milestones.

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