“I am a self supporting entrepreneur, single mom and living the life that I want.  This was not always so.  I have been broke and broken. God, my true-life partner, and I restored my life. I venture to share with you what I learned from the church and from the woes and triumphs of my life.  This show is a mix of Christianity, spirituality, psychology, and plain ole common sense but all wrapped in love. I learned how to set the atmosphere for my life.  I want to show you how to do the same. ”


Every show promises to be a conversation worthy of a cup of coffee and a page on your journal.  Set The Atmosphere with Sunshine is like time spent with an old friend or with grandma while she makes you breakfast.  This time together will be full of inspiration, wisdom, positivity, and fun!

“I have a big mouth and a big heart.  I’m here to share love and light. Join me and together let’s fill your Monday morning with sunshine!"

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